About Me

My Background


A Minnesotan local artist, Patrick Ginter travels the states painting what inspires him, be it landscapes, celebrities, or the local scene.  With the use of bold and bright brush strokes, he turns the world around him into something beautiful.

My Medium


I define my art as Modern Expressionism. I have developed my own style of painting my whole life, professionally for the last twenty years.

My Inspiration


I’m a painter who is inspired by local scenic landscapes and cityscapes. My paintings are primarily done outside. I use color and paint to create a spontaneous dynamic in my art. It is very modern ,a self-developed style that has been evolving throughout my lifetime, painting on location around the United States. My painting style has been influenced by Impressionism and early European Expressionist painters. However, I feel my style has developed into its own unique evolution that has become recognizable.